Design through my Eyes

When I look around the world I see design. I see shapes, colors, and fonts combining into creations made by people with a vision. Some visions are better than others.. But all of those visions have value if you look hard enough. The value proposition might be that you now understand what you want to create, where as other visions may give you an insight which leads you stop a current pursuit in its tracks.

Our culture will always need creative minds with the imagination and passion to make things better. To design things forward. To progress. That's what kind of Designer I aspire to be every day. Better than I was the day before. We all have extraordinary potential, but each of us must make the decision to dig deep and find it. 

Your Life is Your Story

Life is a story that we write every day, with every choice that we make. If you don't have big dreams, you can never fully reach your potential. Having big dreams keeps you striving towards the future and helps facilitate the right motivation to grow as a person.

Big dreams are great, but they won't get you very far unless you also break down those dreams into practical real life goals. I find that I am more productive when I take a large vision and break it down into a series of smaller goals which can be accomplished in a linear step-by-step process. I feel that this not only gives a vision some real world roots, but also helps the process be less stressful in general.

My Strengths as a Person

Perseverance. As far back as I can remember I saw the world a certain way that seemed a little different from how other people seemed to think about things. Where others saw relationships as a fleeting experiment of trial and error... I searched for my Soulmate and would stop at nothing until I found her. It took a couple decades, but I persevered in the end and I couldn't be happier that I never gave up along the way. 

Critical Thinking. I feel that one of the greatest assets of humanity is the intelligent thinking mind. The wheels that never stop turning. The curious spirit that can't stop pondering life and asking..... Why? Whenever I need to make a decision, I like to take a step back and ask myself... "What are all of the different ways I could percieve this situation that make logical sense?". When I feel confident that I have explored the most valuable of the probabilities, I choose the one that resonates most deeply with my intuition and logic.

Vision. To me, the world needs people to "Think Culture Forward". To drive and transform society through the mental exploration of what could be possible using current and near future technology. My mind is always "on" and thinking of ways that our human society could be improved. I also use this same mental skillset when I look at the designs that currently exist in the world and how I might change those designs if the choice was mine.

My Strengths as a Designer

Visual Design. As far back as I can remember seeing software interfaces, probably with Atari and NES video games, I mentally critiqued visual elements like menus, icons, animations, font, layouts, etc. Sometimes, I would think to myself... "Why would anyone ever make it look like that?!". I didn't realize it until recently, but that natural "eye" for design has always been a driving force towards how I make decisions in life. I love Visual Design on every level.

Simplicity. I love it. I feel that usually, but not always, "less is more" when it comes to design. Clutter is both mentally taxing to interact with on every level and emotionally upsetting if it hinders productivity. When I design something, I try to think about value. What is the most valuable to the person interacting with my design at any given time? When I find my answer to that question, I focus on those attributes as the primary driver for design decisions.

Marketing. Becoming a fan of Apple and what they do really opened my eyes to the art of design in marketing. The attention to detail, when done correctly, can really determine the visual success of the marketing element. Visual hierarchy, image choice and placement, font, etc. all combine together into something that a consumer can't help but be interested in. Through my experience in design school, I have learned that designing documents or images which would be great for marketing, comes natural to me.